If like me you love doing your Christmas shopping online you need to take a look to Rosegal´s website. Is not the first time that I talk about this brand because I truly believe that the quality-price is really good.
I´m going to buy in here my Christmas Eve look that I have already choose and I am sure you will love it. First of all the dress that for me should be comfy (for helping my mom in the kitchen) but of course elegant and trendy and with this one I have it all in one. Of course I need a good pair of heels but again comfortable so my choice are boots that allows me movement freedom. This ones over the knee is the perfect choice for this mini dress. And the final touch? Of course a heart, and there is no better way than this lovely necklace.
Run and search though all the Christmas Deals 2017 !


There is no one without two...or it was three without two? Well, doesn't matter, what matter is that here is a new beauty trick. As the last time I was talking about taking care about the lashes I thought it was the perfect time to talk abour One Two Cosmetics and their magnetic lashes.

This lashes are a dream come true. You can easily put them and remove them, the don´t damage your natural lashes and they look awesome! You apply them like a sandwich keeping your natural lashes in the middle of the two magnets, a clever idea right? It takes two minutes (of course at the beginning it was a bit more until I learn how to place them), check the video below to see it with your own eyes.

They have two types, The Original Half Lash and The Full Coverage Lash, I only tried the first ones. Inside those ones you can choose between Original Lash , Accent Lash and Bold Lash. I tried the first two and I love them.

The characteristic of this type of magnetic lashes is that they don´t cover the hole eyelid, its more like half of it, so the eye will always look bigger as you will have more coverage in the outer part of the eye giving kind of a cat like glance.

I use more often the  Accent Lash as this ones are even smaller and they look very natural for a daily basis use. And when I want bigger ones, usually for a night out or a dinner, I use the Original Lash. One trick is to apply your normal mascara first and when its dry place on top the lashes for a perfect camouflage.

Seriously,  I don´t know how I could live before without this jewels. Be careful, if you try them you will not be able to stop wearing them! Luckily, they are loooong lasting.


I usually talk only about fashion, but this product that I recently find out deserves also to be part of my blog, so say hello to my first beauty post where the main character is M2Beuté.

The Eyelash Activating Serum activates the natural growth of your lashes. After wearing for a while the permanent fake lashes, I felt like my natural lashes where shorter and that I had less than I used to have. That is why I decided to try this product.

I used it for three months even tough you start seen results from the first month but is very difficult to stop because I always want them longer and longer. In fact, I stop applying the product in my lower lashes because at some point I though the where becoming to long.

Not only my lashes are longer but I also feel that I have more and therefore my glance is deeper now. I will without any doubt recommend this serum, I´m sure you will love it!


I always try to have in my wardrobe a couple of comfy dresses like this one from Shein. What does this mean? Well, this means mainly that the cut is loose and the fabric allows a lot of movement. The type of dress that just adding a pair of boots and a big necklace will give you a great effort less look.


I don´t think is the first time that I talk about how much I love velvet. I truly believe that is a really elegant material that I usually relate to winter (maybe I´m wrong but I can´t imagine myself wearing velvet with good weather).

This bosysuit from Shein in claret velvet is just a piece to have. I love it with jeans for a casual look but combining it with lace a a high waist skirt is my favourite combination.


This dress from Shein is the perfect one for an office outfit. Simple but elegant and comfy but sophisticated, you can´t be wrong with one like this one.

What you think about the trendy black and red of this season? I must say I have love it since ever. I think those are two colours born to be together an therefore my favourite combination for this dress is a touch of red. It can be a scarf, a necklace, the will look lovely with this winter colours combination!


I intermediately felt in love with this cute sweater from Shein. It was a first love thing...the pink colour, the puffed 3/4 sleeves and the pompoms! It is a really cute sweater that will give a naif touch to your outfit. Wear it loose for a casual look or with a belt in the waist for a feminine and elegant touch. And if you are can always play with your pompoms!