I know, I know...I already talk about backless dresses in previous posts but, what can I do? As I said I love them!

The beauty of this dress from YoShop is, apart from the colour and the fabric that are lovely, the detail at the back. The gathered with the bow at the end turns this piece into pure sophistication.



The Bodycon Maxi Dress is a fashion dress that I always wanted but I never find the perfect one. I find them to open in the top (arms, neckline..) and that makes me feel a bit unbalanced as the legs are fully covered and the top part the oposite... 

But now I find the perfect Bodycon Maxi Dress at Zaful. The dark colour and the long sleeve it's , in my opinion, the perfect combination of elegance and femininity.


As you already know, im constantly web hunting online fashion stores with great designs and afordable prices. I have a few favourites and I rarely find new interesting brands but from time to time, I discover little treasures like Rosegal

Great designs, lovely fabrics and amazing prices! Check out the section for  Strappy Black Dress  the are a few "must have" pieces, like the one below, for this summer!


There is anything more sensual (in my opinion, of course) than a backless dress

Almost all my summer dresses are like this as they are an amazing way of confronting the high temperatures. I prefer showing my back than a big neckline. Don´t take me wrong, I love also those ones, its just that I can move with more freedom when I don´t need to think if my bust is trying to say "hello". 
Anyway, this is about backless dresses and specially about this one from Zaful. The light fabric, the combination of colours and the extremely deep opening in the back makes this dress just perfect. Equal comfy and sensual.

And if you prefer flowers rather than plain colours, check their floral party dresses.


Denim is one of the few fashion items that will never be out of style. It has live on when other trends have come and go and now, thanks to Zaful, we have it with fullness.

This lovely denim top is comfortable and because of the fullness you will be cold even in the hottest weathers as just the braces touch your skin.

My favourite part of this top? To spin around with it, you will be a kid again! And to keep on spinning around, why not a fullness floral party dresses? You will just love them!


I love anything sparkling, I feel really attracted to bright things so you can imagine my happiness when suddenly sequins become trendy and I could find them anywhere.

I believe that when you add sparkling you suddenly are a bit more dressed up, even if you are wearing a hoodie you will look more stylish if its a sequined one. That is why I love this sequined croptop from Zaful.
You don´t need anything else,a plain skirt or trousers and you are ready to shine! And if you are not convinced about croptops, the the answer is a floral party dress, of course sequined.  


We all agree that feather is very well positioned in the fashion world as a symbol of elegance and sophistication but the are lots of feathers, and not all of them are equal cute. Peacocks are without any doubt the queen of feather and therefore any peacock maxi dress will make you look as a queen.

Check this two that ordered today...perfect for a glamorous summer night don´t you think? Which one would you pick the blue or the green?