Of course, it was imposible to buy only one of the lovely shirts from Sdewhite, and this one was my other choice. Is lovely right?
I love everything about this shirt, is glamorous, sophisticate, elegant, classic, feminine, is everything! Allow me to describe this special piece of art. My favourite part is, of course, the million buttons. It is the sweetest details I ever see in a shirt. Of course I will not recommend anyone to unbutton them as it took easily 20 mins to put all of them...but the effort was clearly worth it!
I also like a lot how the sleeve is thinner in the wrist and a lot bigger in the arm, this makes me feel powerful. And the the six cloth pegs are just perfect, as the enhance the figure in a really lovely way.
If you want a special look and you are brave enough to be in the middle of the focus, then you need this shirt from Sdewhite.


I must now talk about this recently discovered brand, Sdewhite. This brand does lots of different shirts designs using as the main element the tradition white colour shirt. This was what attract my attention most, the sophisticate reinterpretation of the simple and traditional white shirt that this original brand does with their pieces.
Here we have a nice example of one of their designs. It could look like a simple straight white shirt but is full of details that makes a big difference between this Sdewhite shirt and any other in the market. First of all, the huge blue leather-like pocket. This great touch is even nicer because instead of just leaving it straight they have rotate it a bit. A simple touch that give a touch of style.
Another original part is the cuff, without buttons but with a deep cut is perfect for wearing it with a turn giving an effort less / stylish touch to any look.
Wear it with heels, with shoes, with ballerinas, with the hundred million looks shirt!


This season pants are the real protagonist in the fashion world. This ones from Rosegal (yes I know, I am a super fan) are a great piece to have. The thin fabric makes the be very comfortable while the high waist turn them in a really trendy piece. Wear it with heels or trainers and create very different looks without scarifying comfort of style.


With this lovely swimsuit from Rosegal I finish my summer days... how cute is the shape of this piece? I love the cat face but my favourite thing is the little ears. It looks so cute that I will probably wear it also as a bodysuit with a pair of jeans.


As you already now, I buy a lot of things from Rosegal. This is not a random decision, I do it because they keep very well the bance quality-price. My latest acquisition is this lovely red blazer. I think the combination of red and black colours and the zip in the side makes this blazer a must in any wardrobe. Feminine and elegant will make any look special.


This lovely sweater from Gamiss is not only extremely warm and soft but also a great fashion piece. The V-neckline allow a cute necklace and the flounce in the sleeve makes this sweater a really special piece. Combine it with skirts or jeans and a pair of trainers for a comfy look and with some lovely heels for an elegant touch.


Recently I have been shopping a lot this wide leg and high waist pants. The main reason is how comfortable they are but also because they make elegant any look. Even if you wear a plain T-shirt and a pair of trainers with this pants from Rosegal you will feel trendy and sophisticated.