As I already mention in the last post wide leg trousers are a must in any wardrobe this summer, and as you can see, I cant stop buying them! Is the second time that I mention Yoshop for this style so they must be good at it no?
This new acquisition is now my new favourite because of the summery colours.  A good tan and a touch of yellow is the best summer combination!


Wide leg pants is so trendy this summer and I´m really happy about it. With the high temperatures, what is more comfortable a tight fabric around your skin or something wide that allows the air to pass through? Exactly, wide legs is the right answer, and this trousers from Yoshop are not only light and comfortable but also sensual as the leg is visible while walking.

Combine it with a casual crop top and you will have a casual/chic look.


No one will argue how comfortable is not to wear a bra, at least when you have a tiny breast like me. I love when summer arrives and backless dresses and plunging necklines request the absence of bra, I can´t explain that freedom feeling with words. This tank top from Yoshop is a lovely example of summer style.
Of course the are some rules that for me are crucial for this type of clothes:
1. If you show above hide a bit below. Which means not wearing a mini mini skirt/shorts with a plunging neckline, one or the other one is always more elegant.
2. The fabric must be thick enough so the nipples are not visible or the outfit could be a bit rough.
Be freeeee!


Is not one of my general subjects but I though I should give some words to this lovely pieces from Rosegal. The necklace is the perfect piece for going to a festival or to the beach giving to your look a lovely bohoo style. And the watch its just a summer piece: colourful, fresh, funny...and above any other thing, the bright colours will pup up you tanned!


I declare myself a huge fan of this type of trousers that are not only comfortable but also elegant and trendy. This summery trousers from Rosegal are now one of my favourites for several reasons that I will describe below.
The high waist. Is the best way for enhance the siluete, specially when you combine it with a crop top.
The thin fabric that keeps you safe from dying because of the high temperatures.
The length. Its just above the ankle and this looks lovely specially in summer when you can combine it with a pear of wedge heels.
And of course the stripes that make your legs look even longer.
How could you resist to all this reasons?


If you are tired of the same boring cover up dresses for the beach, you will love this one from Rosegal! This dress has everything to be your favourite piece this summer: crochet, fringe and of course, a bit of see-through fabric.
Add more fringe in a pair of colourful earrings to complete the look, because there is never too much fringe!


 The truth is that I always thought that the dovetail fashion was a bit weird, but after wearing this lovely dress from Rosegal I changed my opinion. As its slightly longer in the back it gives an extra volume to the dress that looks awesome while walking.

Combine it with this lovely necklace for a trendy touch of colour and you will have the perfect casual look.