A black plain body should be a must in any girls wardrobe and this one from Shein even more. T-shirts and shirts are good...but what about being always worried about keeping them in the right place? I love not having that problem any more! When I want movement freedome I use this black lovely body.
The not to big V-neck makes this a great choice for any occasion the the elegant long sleeve gives to it a touch of glam. I´m waiting for Shein to do more colours...I want them all!


This sweet pinafore from shein is probably the most comfortable piece of my wardrobe.
The lovely pick colour gives to this dress a naif touch even sweeter when you touch the suede like fabric.It allows any colour combination and its perfect for the close spring.

I'm turning turning turning turning turning around

I'm turning turning turning turning turning around...but this time instead of another lemon-tree I see a beautiful red dress from Shein.
The fullness of the skirt is the dream of any girl that, like me, loves spinning around feeling like a princes. And the backless details is just the perfect glamorous touch together with the sensual red colour.
Go to a informal day out with a pair of black trainers or to a cocktail party with some lovely heels...you choose!


I love pink. Well I love a lot of colours but pink is one of those. I find it a very sweet and feminine one and I feel very comfortable with it and I think grey is also like pink so combining both is something I often do.

This grey long skirt from Shein is perfect for this. I like a lot combining the long length skirt with a cosy sweater and if is in this two colours even better. To break a bit the sweet style...a pair of high  heels and all the accessories in black of course.


This combination of colours (black and red) was the clear winner of this season and I love it. I like red, I´m in love of black...therefore both of them together works perfect for me.

This comfy red dress from Shein with a straight cut and pockets is perfect for every day. The black bow in the back of the neck is the perfect excuse for combine it with black accessories and shoes. With high boots for a sensual look of a pair of flat shoes for work you will want to wear this dress every day.


 As simple as a pair of trousers and high boots with a lovely naif touch, this white and pink shirt from Shein. For comfy days, for an informal lunch, for a countryside visit...this piece allows plenty of combinations.

The combination of threads in different tones of pinks and gold make of this shirt the cutest piece I have, making me look innocent and sweet.


 Yes, I´m absolutely in love with faux fur..and if its colourful even better! This lovely jacket from Shein will give the trendy touch to any look.

The green part of the jacket is quite thin, this allows wearing it as a shirt which I think is better because I hate when the special touch of the look is something that you have to take out when you arrive to a place, this way you remain trendy all the time.