Hi there! I am back here with a new amazing discovery, a new online brand that I am sure you will love, FEMME LUXE. As you all know, I love brands with great design and a good balance price-quality, and this one is, for sure, one of those.

I ordered, as I always do when I want to text a brand, a few items: oversized, alter, different fabrics..because another great attribute about brands, of course in my opinion, is how true they are describing their products. And I must confess, I am now a huge fan of Femme Luxe because the description and the pictures of the items are a real description of them.

I ordered four items: two jumpsuits, one sporty and a more elegant one, and to jumpers, one grey and the other one in a lovely neon lime green.

All the products arrived quite fast, it didn't took more than two weeks, and they arrived in very good condition, it was all iron and I think this is very important, I hate when new clothes arrive all messy. The second thing I notice was the quality of the fabric, thick and good, like it should be. I hate those really thin fabrics that you cant wear without a slip. That was a great first impression.

Later, I tried them, and my happiness was increasing item by item. The description of the size can´t be better and I really like the items on me. The mustard jumpsuit is very fitted to the body and a bit wider from the knew to the ankle. I come with a ribbon made of the same fabric but as it is not swen con can take it out and replace it with a belt if you wish or depending on the look. You can wear the mustard jumpsuit in many different ways, for a casual shopping day with some trainers, for a meting with a jacket or even to a morning wedding with a pair of heels and a beautiful stole. I choosed this time to wear it for an afternoon with friends at a coffee shop next to the sea, and that is why I wear a scarf. I love scarfs in windy places because of the movement. Just some gold accessories (the belt and the bracelet) and a touch of colour with the scarf and the handbag, and you have here a lovely feminime look.

The other jumpsuit, the beige one, is warm and comfortable and is perfect for a sporty and casual look, but I can also wear it to the office with a pair of ballet flat shoes and a blazer. I wore it the other day to a site visit with a pair of white trainers and a baby blue blazer, and I believe I manage to archieve a comfortable but elegant look.

I love wearing big jumpers when I don't feel inspired in the morning because you just need to put some trousers and you are ready to go. For this days, I love having some nice colours and both the grey and the green look lovely with jeans, blue, black,.. For the green one, I choosed a pair of colourful shorts combined with black tights and trainers. For the grey one I decided to wear it with a red skirt and again black tights and boots. Both looks comfortable and quite cool, dont you think so?

I will definitely show you more items from what I believe for me is, at least at the moment, the discovery of the year, because I am going, right now, to search the web and make a new order of some mini dresses and maybe also a few midi dresses too.


I must confess I love Shein (as you already know) and every time I do online shopping my first stop is always this brand. The reason is the quality-price balance and even though people often thinks that the clothes takes month to not true! I already have it with me and I made my order less than 10 days ago.

I quite often use this type of dresses, mainly when I´m a bit lazy and I don't want to feel tight. This one has become one of my favs because it's very simple but the tassels are the perfect glam touch.

The fabric is just as I think it would be, thin enough to be fresh but without been a see-through one.


The shipment took less than 10 days which I consider is very reasonable for an online shop with this great prices. Of couse this shop can´t be other than Shein.

I absolutely love this dress. I´m a huge fan of deep necklines and open backs and this is all in one! It fits absolutely perfect, I asked for an XS and the waist is exactly my size and as it comes with the cord in the back you can put it more or less tight depending on your chest size.

The detail of the buttons in the front is really lovely and in general is a very stylish dress that gives an innocent sensuality to the one wearing it.


It came together with the item in my previous review and as I said, the shipping from Zaful was quite fast. It took around 10 days which is not to bad taking into account how good the prices of this shop are.

This grey two pieces with skirt and top is just perfect. The skirt size is exactly mine and the top as well even though is slightly loose in the chest (but that is my fault XD ).  The flounce of the top is so lovely and delicate that gives a great glam touch to the outfit. And you can open the lower buttons of the skirt for a sexier look.

I truly believe that is a must have in any wardrobe.


Summer is here and with it all the lovely Zaful summer clothes.

Fist of all I must say that the shipping was quite fast, it took around 10 days which is not to bad taking into account how good the prices of this shop are.

The two pieces is lovely, just as expected, and it fits me really good.  The top has a rubber in the low part so I can pull it up just below the chest. I think is nicer like this than in the waist as I can show a bit more skin. The movement if the skirt is light and feminine and it comes with a bow of the same fabric so you can do your waist even tighter.

I´m sure I will use a lot this piece this summer.


A black plain body should be a must in any girls wardrobe and this one from Shein even more. T-shirts and shirts are good...but what about being always worried about keeping them in the right place? I love not having that problem any more! When I want movement freedome I use this black lovely body.
The not to big V-neck makes this a great choice for any occasion the the elegant long sleeve gives to it a touch of glam. I´m waiting for Shein to do more colours...I want them all!


This sweet pinafore from shein is probably the most comfortable piece of my wardrobe.
The lovely pick colour gives to this dress a naif touch even sweeter when you touch the suede like fabric.It allows any colour combination and its perfect for the close spring.