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Anyone can be a Pinmorella's Lady. Pinmorella is about recognising a stylish girl even when I would never wear what she is wearing. This is all about fashion and here there are its first protagonists.

Ms. Infinitepatience:
With her Casual/Modern Style this lady knows how to be chic without sacrificing comfort, but she also knows how to dress up for special occasions or work. Her basics are jeans, T-shirts, cardigans and jumpers. Basically any piece of clothe without to mant ornamente that allows her to move easily.Ankle boots for winter with or without heels (chunky heel) and flat sandals for summer. 

Ms. Littlecrazyhead:
A mix of Preppy and Clasic Style. She loves consolidate brands such as Burberry or Louis Vuitton. Soft colours, blouses and shirts with buttons, gold and silver jewels, V neckline in jackets and jumpers.. 

Ms. Pinmorella:
The Lady/Naif Style. She tries to enhance her most guileless and sensual side making use of her femininity. Skirts and dresses with fullness and close-fitting waist, see through fabrics, high-heels (at all its versions), ballet flats..

Ms. Sweetaccent:
This lady is all about comfort and effortless looks following the principle of the Normcore Style. Neutral colours, relaxed fits, sporty motifs, sneakers.. She also likes looking individual and natural in a very Boho Chic way.

Ms. GreekDoric:The traditional. More conservative than other styles but not less sensual. The main characteristics are practical, polite and always dress appropriately. Lots of neutrals such as black, grey, white and beige dominate her wardrobe together with straight lines. She knows how to enhance her curves for look amazing even though she choose keeping her outfit business-like for every day.

Ms. GreekCorinthian:Without any doubt, modern. A mix between exotic and flamboyant. Exotic style is often a mysterious and intriguing result of being a traveller. The clothing style centers on long flowing lines that has rich colors, embroidery,mysterious ornate patterns, jungle prints, mosaics, iridescent textures and shiny jewelry. "Flamboyant" is assosciated with "dramatic" but more energetic and outgoing. Is often asymmetrical, fringe and multi-coloured.

Ms. GreekIonic:Absolutely sophisticated. Suits, trousers, pencil skirts, blouses...are some of her "must have". Great fabrics, immaculate tailoring and interesting proportions are all characteristics of this new wave of classicism that has his maximum representative on Calvin Klein.

Ms. RomanTuscan:Casual describes her style perfectly. Trousers in all their versions, shapes and fabrics dominate her wardrobe because she know how to be comfort and look nice in a very simply and elegant way. And when she choose a dress, that dress just look perfect on her.