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 Hi there!
I'm a twenty-something year old girl that  describes herself as a devotee of design in all its artistic forms and expressions, who strongly believes that the small details are what really matter.
That's why I have been playing around with different kinds of art such as painting, architecture or interior design, hoping to bring together both time and courage for introducing myself in the fashion world which is what I really love.
“Fashion is architecture: it is a matter of proportions” Coco Chanel
This blog started (as all the blogs that I know) with the idea of showing my outfits and day to day beauty trick. But I found it  a bit boring and too usual. One day I was thinking about my friends style. I was thinking that even if they have a very different style from mine, I really like it and fits them perfectly. That day I decided that it would be a bit self centered just showing my style but, on the other hand, it may be interesting to capture different outfits for same plans or situations. More options for you and a lot more fun for us.
There is no longer one style , there are styles . The culturally rich man needs diversity" Elio Fiorucci 
Pinmorella is not a haute couture blog with red carped dresses (I wish it was), it's more about affordable day to day outfits and how we can make them unique with a little bit of DIY things. 
Hope you find it useful or at least interesting.
Have a nice day! :)