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Spring is almost here and with the good weather the cloth I love arrives. Thinner fabrics, intense colours and lovely patters. And of course, cheeky leather pieces. And you can find all of this, of course, at FEMME LUXE, my recently discover number one online shop. As you all know, I love brands with great design and a good balance price-quality, and this one is, for sure, one of those.
This time, as I already know a bit about the brand (I already test it in my first order) I two comfy pieces and one black leather set. As always the items arrived in around a week and in perfect conditions. As always the quality of the product was as described in the website and I love when expectation matches reality, that is why I´m a huge fan of Femme Luxe . I ordered four items: two comfy sets, one slightly fitter than the other one, and a leather looking set compose of leggings an a corset top. When I opened the package, it was all iron and I think this is very important, I hate when new clothes arrive all messy because they do not look like new items. As I said, the quality of the fabric is also great, thick and good, like I think it should always be. I hate those really thin fabrics that you can not wear without a slip. So, my first (second) impression was as good as the fist one. Later, I tried them, and my happiness was increasing item by item. The description of the size can not be better and I really like the items on me. The beige comfy set was very fitted to the body and the black lines in the side make it look a bit more special and at the same time enhances your figure. You can wear the beige set in many different ways, for a casual shopping day with some trainers, or separating the pieces and using the t-shirt with a pair of black trousers and heels for example. I choose this time to wear for a relax coffee afternoon at home with friends, and now two of them they have also buy it to.I believe this king of pieces are a basic that all of us should have in our closet.
The other comfy set, the claret one, is fresh and comfortable and is perfect for a sporty and casual look, but I can also wear the t-shirt to the office with a pair of ballet flat shoes and a black t-skirt. I wore it the other day to a site visit with a pair of black trainers and a a leather jacket, and I believe I manage to archive a comfortable but elegant look in a very easy way.
I love wearing leather during all year, but specially when spring arrives and you stop using coats and start using leather jackets. Recently I also find out the leather trousers and I truly believe that is a must in any wardrobe, not only in black but also in red, brown..I think I am going to wear those a lot this spring. The feel of the leather effect leggings is just great and one thing I like a lot of them is the high waist, maybe is just a big bigger than what I will expect from leggings but is true that in this way they look more like trousers and I love the effect. On the contrary, the leather effect corset is a bit smaller that what I was expecting but to be fair, is a corset, so it is supposed to be very tight. Combining both of them look just amazing, I believe it is a very explosive look that can be smooth out with a colourful jacket. Also wearing them in separate looks, the trousers with a sweater and the skirt with a naif skirt is lovely.
I will definitely show you more items from what I believe for me is, at least at the moment, one of my favourite brands, because I am going, right now, to search the web and make a new order of some mini dresses and maybe also a few midi dresses too.

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  1. Great post - these outfits are so perfect for spring! The leather one is my favorite :) Thanks for sharing!
    -Jenna ♥
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