I usually talk only about fashion, but this product that I recently find out deserves also to be part of my blog, so say hello to my first beauty post where the main character is M2Beuté.

The Eyelash Activating Serum activates the natural growth of your lashes. After wearing for a while the permanent fake lashes, I felt like my natural lashes where shorter and that I had less than I used to have. That is why I decided to try this product.

I used it for three months even tough you start seen results from the first month but is very difficult to stop because I always want them longer and longer. In fact, I stop applying the product in my lower lashes because at some point I though the where becoming to long.

Not only my lashes are longer but I also feel that I have more and therefore my glance is deeper now. I will without any doubt recommend this serum, I´m sure you will love it!