Of course, it was imposible to buy only one of the lovely shirts from Sdewhite, and this one was my other choice. Is lovely right?
I love everything about this shirt, is glamorous, sophisticate, elegant, classic, feminine, is everything! Allow me to describe this special piece of art. My favourite part is, of course, the million buttons. It is the sweetest details I ever see in a shirt. Of course I will not recommend anyone to unbutton them as it took easily 20 mins to put all of them...but the effort was clearly worth it!
I also like a lot how the sleeve is thinner in the wrist and a lot bigger in the arm, this makes me feel powerful. And the the six cloth pegs are just perfect, as the enhance the figure in a really lovely way.
If you want a special look and you are brave enough to be in the middle of the focus, then you need this shirt from Sdewhite.