Dresslily will never stop surprising me. Yes, I know, I write a lot about this brand..but is or not the perfect quality/price balance?

Lets leave on a side the economic benefits of buying here (specially when you are kind of a compulsive buyer) and lets focus on the huge range of trendy fashion that they have. Just now I was going through the swimsuit and lucky me that is not summer yet because they are all beautiful. Of course I include a few in my wishlist that as you can imagine its quiet long...

I´m getting sidetracked. What I wanted to show you is this lovely bohemian cardigan. For all those days that you don´t feel like wearing anything special and you choose a plain colour outfit its great to have in the wardrobe a cardigan like this one which will add the touch of style.

Tassels, fringe,embroidery...all in one?Yes, of course. Easily done with this blue and grey cardigan that you will love.