The other day I was surfing through internet hunting for clothes and I find this amazing brand famous in Hong Kong. At the beginning I was not very sure about buying online specially from a place that far, I´m sure most of you have also doubts about this, but now that I received my dress I´m so glad I trust them!

After only fifteen days I finally got it and its sooo perfect, it´s exactly what I was expecting and I think it suits good on me but my favourite thing of is the quality of the fabrics. Rather than those almost transparent clothing that I used to receive from other brands, this ones use really good materials. Thick fabrics, well sew, nice colors and designs,..the discovery of the month!

In this occasion I chosen this blue dress with red embroidery flowers to give a bit of colouring to this grey London days. Loyal to my style, is an alter top dress with fullness skirt that highlight my waists and gives me the naif sensuality that I love. I leave you the link on case you also want it also. ;) (

I´m sure it will not be my last dress from Relaxfeel so I will keep sharing with you new discoveries and if you have any others, please share with me! :)

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