Last weekend I went to my first friends' wedding (yaaayy!!) I was so excited and it matched perfectly my expectations. The bride is the most detail-oriented person that I know and she loves crafts, so the wedding was full of small super cute things.

It was not a traditional wedding with a banquet and everyone sitting, it was a big party in a garden with food stands. It was an amazing day of eating, dancing, eating, laughing, eating, talking and eating again. And a bit of drinking also of course.

The beautiful Ms.RomanTuscan, the bride. Her dress looked simply perfect on her. Simply, elegant.. perfect. The fall of the fabric highlighted her figure and the beautiful rhinestones made her look fabulous.

And of course for the perfect wedding and the perfect bride.. the perfect guests! Each of us in different colors and in our personal style but all gorgeous.

Ms.GreekDoric wore a black and white alter dress from Beige by ECI  that highlighted her figure. The black lines bend around her waist lionizing her curves. Simple cut and extremely elegant.

Ms.GreekCorinthian chose a light summery dress that matched perfectly with the sunny day and the nearness to the beach. The sea blue color seemed to be done for her and the embroidery around her waist highlight her curves while the fullness skirt showed her most sensual side. This backless dress from Forever Unique it´s the perfect choice for an exotic style.

Both Ms.GreekIonic and Ms.Pinmorella opt for AQ/AQ dresses. We love this shop because of its architectural dresses. Rigid fabrics, geometric cuts, intense colors,.. And the best part is how great it looks on anyone, it doesn't matter your style, you will find something for you there and you will not go unnoticed when you wear it! Ms.GreekIonic with her alter blue dress that exalt her figure looked so amazing. The asymmetric cut in her shoulder together with a perfect up-sweep, give her the sophistication required for this type of event.

I chose the orange dress for taking advantage of the tan that I had left from the summer. The shape was exactly my style, adjusted waist and fullness skirt. But the best part of this dress is that you don't need to spin around to give movement to the skirt, the fabric is some kind of neoprene so the fullness remains like this all the time. Yes, I´m in love with my new dress.. but it's because it makes me feel like a delicate doll when I wear it!