Hi all!
It has been a long time since the last post, sorry about that, I would like to have a great excuse, but the truth is that I was lazy and gave ul in favor of instagram, that is a lot easier for posting day to day outfits.
Anyway I have an "after summer holidays" intention to resurect this and in order to do that I cry out for your help.
Here is a quick summary of what happened until now. My ladies left London to pursue their dreams and even though I´m missing them a lot I can´t be more prouf of them, specially of Ms.InfinitePatience who is going to be a successful reporter son. As far as I am concerned, same work (that I really enjoy), same boyfriend (that I truly love) and different flat (you turn kind of nomadic when you live in London).
Regarding fashion (that´s what this is about, isn´t it?), here is a small summary of what this summer was for me. In general lines: colourful, comfortable and fresh. With stripes, flowers, backless dresses, patterns.. And as I´m better with pictures tan words, from now on more pics and less talk.


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  2. Amazing photoes, and I know life gets so crazy sometimes you just gotta enjoy it!