Perfect day for getting rid of the super thick tights that I use to wear in winter for a while.  
Some of you may think "oh, I have a very similar dress from Zara". Its probably the same dress, but as I find it a bit boring, I  just customised it with a strip of the same fabric on each shoulder.
Following my motto " never throw anything", before throwing away a pair of sandals because they were broken I cut the beading and put it away. When I bought this dress, I found in it the perfect opportunity for using that beading. A few stitchs and we have a new and exclusive dress! 
Ms. Pinmorella´s outfit:
Dress: Zara re-design by Pinmorella
Shoes: Frida
Watch: Chain waterfall. Swatch.
Bracelet: Pavé Silver-Tone Bangle. Michael Kors.
Sunglasses: Titto Bluni.

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