I don't know about you, but I'm a bit of a maniacal about the nails. In my opinion, they say a lot about a person, and above everything if you do client-facing work it's very important to make them look nice or at least well maintained.
The problem is that for this you need to spend a lot of time painting them almost every day or spend a lot of money in a shellac manicure. Until a friend talked to me about stick-on nails. 
At the beginning, I was a  bit sceptic but now I love them. My favourites are Elegant Touch that you can find at or in Boots for around 6-8 pounds. Another option even cheaper (1pound) are the ones of Primark but I didn't find winter colours in there.
My advice is NOT to buy the pre-glued ones as they get always hooked if you pass your hand trough your hair and it's really annoying. Also, it's important to choose a glue with a brush as it will make the process a lot easier.
You only have to follow these simple steps:
1. Cut your nails as short as you can
2. File the top of the nails
3. Choose the nails that fit perfectly with your nails and put them in order.
4. Start gluing them one by one.
5. Once you have them all, cut them the way you like.
VERY IMPORTANT! Always carry with you the glue just in case any of them fall down. 

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  1. Amazing nail lacquers. The second one is my favorite!

    1. That stick-on nails are from Primark. Only 1pound! :)

  2. Replies
    1. You can find it in Candem Town(London) :)

  3. En serio funcionan bien?? Nunca me habría atrevido a probar algo así... pero si me lo recomiendas...el lunes las estoy comprando!

    1. Yo tampoco, de hecho siempre me habían parecido un poco garrus, pero una vez te las cortas a tu gusto la verdad que quedan genial!