As it happens most of the times in fashion, most of the collections were either so extravagant that you can´t even imagine to wear them, or too ordinary. Except for, in my opinion, two of them. Elegant, original, and very feminine. One of them was about knotting tassels creating beautiful shapes and some amazing necklines. The other one was about how to make unique a plain dress by adding few ceramic pieces.
The high ceilings of this place in the middle of SOHO and the under construction atmosphere that generates the tours around the place, made of this fashion show the perfect way of spending the evening.

Ms. Pinmorella´s outfit:
Skirt: Suitblanco
Shirt: Morgan
Shoes: Office
Bracelet: Bershka
Bag: H&M
Nails: Elegant Touch Nails. Polished. Express Classic Black.